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History of Speedway on Tyneside

Newcastle Programme 1950, The Magpies

The Supporters

This page will contain pictures and recollections from the supporters but again the content depends upon You!  If you have been collecting badges programmes photos, traveling to far flung places to support the sport, why not e-mail me and see if we can get something "interesting" onto this page?

Page dedicated to the fans, past and present who have supported the sport throughout the last 75 years

Item 1 ....Dave's Diamonds

Dave Rowland began watching the Diamonds way back in 1961 and is better known as a Promoter and as a Team Manager in 2003.

We are waiting for the story of the trophy to come from "The Horses Mouth", so come on Dave what was it for!! Gurning maybe!

Item 2...Carismaticfan - Directions to other tracks


picture awaited

Carismaticfan is at all way matches, he must know the best way by now!  Visit this page if you want to know the best route to support the Diamonds on their travels, I will!
Armadale, Edinburgh Dantodan, there are three possible ways you can go so take your choice:-

1) A1 all the way onto the A720 Edinburgh By-Pass follow until M8 to Glasgow but at junction 4 leave and join the A801 north to Bathgate/Whitburn and Falkirk follow road down passed 2 roundabouts turn left at the next one to Armadale. The Speedway Track is on the left and there are signs for speedway on the roundabouts.

2)A1 to Morpeth A687 through Coldstream then A698 rejoin A697 to Carefraemill where you join the A68 turn right and follow road towards Edinburgh. At junction with A720 follow route as before.

3)I always travel up via Otterburn and join the A68 and keep on until I reach the Edinburgh By-Pass and proceed as before.
The A1 has all the heavy traffic with lorries and cars and is 20-30miles longer than Coldstream which is probably the straightest but I find with the less traffic on my way I can get to Armadale in 2 and quarter hours without having to worry about speed camera's by the Carter Bar route.


Reading John, for Reading  there are several ways to go :-

1) as usual down M1 to junction 21 onto M69 then follow signs to Warwick on the A46, join M40 at junction 15 and leave at junction 9 and keep on the fast dual carriageway A34 all the way to the M4 just north of Newbury (Junction 13) travel towards London until junction 11 and keeping in the left hand lane head into Reading on the A33. The Speedway track is down this road on the left hand side past the large hotel. Watch for signs to waste tip take next narrow exit off roundabout.

2) As above except keep on M40 until junction 4 leave and travel down the A404 towards Maidenhead and join M4 and head to Swindon and Bristol and leave again at junction 11 and follow above route to track.

3) Keep on the M1 until junction 15A and join A43 and head to Oxford at junction10 on the M40 then choose which of any of the above later routes you prefer.

Take your choice of any of the above routes and any combination of them as they are all fairly fast routes and can be done in around 5hrs easily.


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