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This new page will show the main bikes in use throughout the 75 year history of the sport

The JAP will feature many times on my website because they were the best for years and still look brilliant, well to me they do!

So many great old bikes.  My problem was not which ones to include but which ones to leave out.  Here are some amazing machines: -


Laydown engines are not a recent innovation.  This laydown is a 1948 Jap


1967 Erskine Jap


Don Godden with his 4 valver, 4 valve engines have now become the norm


Excelsior made great frames and Jap great engines in the days when British was best


The F.I.S. In the mid 1950's the Poles built this bike.  It is a blatant copy of the Jap and as imitation is the sincerest form of flattery Jap were probably not that concerned.  In any case the Jap continued long after the Polish bike was discontinued.


Frank Varey aboard his 1929 Scott.  This bike was a 2-stroke and at that time Dirt Bikes had no silencing so the Scott must have been deafening at full throttle.


The G.M. Italian engined bike from the 1980's.


Ivan Mauger's gold plated bike. 1970 Jawa The bike was gold plated as a result of him winning the world championship in 1968, 1969 and 1970, before his triumph in 1970 he was told that if he won a third world title on the trot his bike should be given the "golden" touch.  He won it so the bike got the treatment.


This Jawa Ice Racer has never been anywhere near Tyneside despite the North East weather!  But New Zealander Bruce Cribb did race around Brough Park on a bike like it, His 4 lap time was incredible but then again the spikes gave him a bit of an advantage.

Back to my favourite topic - the Jap!. This is a 1949 Langton Jap (Mark 4)


American made bike from mid 1930's. The Crocker


If Ivan can have a Gold Bike then so can I! Ole Olsen's bike another Jawa 1971.



The most beautiful bike ever, Vic Ridgeons Rotrax Jap from the 50's when they new how to chrome a bike!

1948 Vintage..The Vincent Vampire