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Name The Rider

Picture 1: Photo courtesy of Dave Rowland.

We don't know who this is or when it was taken (He's not a Newcastle Rider). Included because it is a great action shot.  The girder forks were standard on older bikes so either this is a 1950's shot, or the bike was a few years old and the photo was taken during the '60's Send me an e-mail if you can identify the rider.


I am on the sports desk at the South London Press, SW16. Re the
unidentified legtrailer on your web-site. I am certain this is the old New
Cross (south London) rider George Newton. He rode for Crystal Palace and
New Cross pre-war, then from 1948 at New Cross, Fleetwood, Walthamstow and
St Austell. He was later on mechanical staff at Bristol. 

John Hyam, sports

desk, South London Press.

 Thanks John for the identification.


Picture 2: From the Glasgow Transport Museum

Behind the bike is a photograph of a Glasgow rider leading a Diamond.  Can anyone name the rider(s).

Send me an e-mail if you can


Picture 3: Can't remember where I got this photo from

Who is the Diamonds rider pictured above? Send me an e-mail if you know