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Whitley Bay, Newcastle Gosforth, Newcastle Brough Park, Sunderland East Boldon, Ashington, Felton Northumberland, Barford County Durham, Aycliffe nr Darlington, Middlesborough


There have been other local ventures but none with the fan base or longetivity of Newcastle’s Brough Park

Sunderland had a team in 1964, known as the Saints, then later they were called the Gladiators  Sunderland Speedway operated from the East Boldon greyhound stadium .  

Ashington Arrows too staged speedway at the towns Portland Park stadium in the early 1970’s.  

Felton near Amble in Northumberland, operated an unlicensed, behind closed doors training school venture and also had some drag racing there too.

Aycliffe stadium near Darlington and Barford known as the "Barford Foxes" near Barnard Castle should have been other homes to speedway but ventures into speedway at both venues never got off the ground and they are better known for stock car racing.  

Barford Raceway on the A688 between Staindrop and Barnard Castle, Co Durham

Barford Raceway, Tarmac Oval Circuit Racing

Barford Raceway is definitely worth the trip from Tyneside. Cyril and his team are a friendly bunch of people who will welcome the Speedway Fan to their stockcar circuit.  No reason why Stocks and Bikes can't co-exist in the North.

Here is an exclusive! In my 43 years as a supporter I have never read any account of Dirt Track Racing at Greenside but I know racing took place way back in 1929, I live in the area although I was not around in 1929!!  Here is the evidence from the local newspapers archives.

Buses were laid on from Bewick Street in Newcastle and left at "frequent intervals for the Greenside track". The meeting took place on Whit Sunday 1929 to avoid clashing with Whitley Bay who had a meeting on Whit Monday.

Bob Grainger informs us that 1928 had eight meetings at Greenside run by the Newcastle and District Motor club with Jack Ormiston the star, this track operated for several years without league status being applied for.

Middlesborough was the closet of the successful teams to Brough Park (38 miles away down the A19).  TheBears”, like the "Diamonds", have been around since 1928/29 although both clubs have closed down and re-opened on a number of occasions. Rivalry is fierce between the 2 sets of fans, but speedway fans are not hooligans and most derby matches are enjoyed in a noisy atmosphere with rival fans exchanging nothing more than friendly banter. The Bears are expected to make a return to speedway in the near future.  You can count on my money through the turnstiles if the Boro make a comeback.


What is the ultimate event on Tyneside? A match of any kind against the "enemy" from Sunderland!.. Here is a copy of a programme that signaled the rallying call.  Sunderland v Newcastle circa 1964

A great programme cover, art work excellent and the price too!  It would be great to get Sunderland back in operation in the same league as Newcastle what great local derbies we could have against the Saints.