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The Newcastle Diamonds Signature Tune

 is the 1963 instrumental hit 

"Diamonds"  by Jet Harris and Tony Meehan

Terence "Jet" Harris was born in Kingsbury, North London, on 6th July, 1939. He was nicknamed "Jet" at school because he was one of the fastest runners in the school.

Jet was the first man in the UK to play electric bass guitar.  News spread of Jet's outstanding ability with the bass guitar which soon led to him playing with the best musicians of his era. In 1958 Hank Marvin, Bruce Welch and Jet Harris became the Shadows.  The name was Jet's idea.  Jet left the Shadows in 1962 and had two hit singles in his own right - "Besame Mucho" and the main title theme from the film "The Man With The Golden Arm".

Jet teamed up with Tony Meehan in 1963 and had an immediate hit with "Diamonds", a number composed for him by Jerry Lordan who had written "Apache", "Wonderful Land" and other hits for The Shadows. "Diamonds" stayed at number one for six weeks. 

A notable first is that Jet is the only instrumentalist in Britain to have had a number one hit record, using bass guitar as the lead instrument. 

Brough Park latched onto Jet's record and used it as their signature tune. Forty years later the strident bass guitar and drums echoes around the stadium and drifts out to the neighboring streets.  Does Jet know this, probably not? Just imagine the royalties owed to him if he finds out!


Barry Wallace

Celebrating 40 years of Speedway Officialdom in 2004.

News Columnist, Track Announcer, Co Promoter Speedway Historian and probably a whole lot more! 

On the subject of the sound system at Brough Park, another 40th anniversary this year concerns the Track Announcer, Barry Wallace.  He first took to the mike in 1964 and has been the voice of the stadium for 40 years.  I can applaud Barry personally because I worked alongside him in the announcers box for a number of seasons.  He impressed me by his professional attitude, keeping his cool when life became difficult for him and his amazing ability to pronounce the many foreign riders names.  For example: Barry would never have called Ivan Mauger "Mawger"  I think you are a true professional, so take a bow Barry. 

Brough Park would not be the same without you and the Diamonds signature tune. Don't ever think about packing it in Baz.